The August 2022 Wish List

Girlies, your solar summer simmering wish list is back.

More Interiors To Make Your Home Feel Like A Million Bucks

As TBE readers know, I am partial to a good piece of vintage furni…

The Best Undies Around

Open that top drawer, ladies, and throw out your old drawers!


The New Dress Silhouette Is Here, And It’s Oh-So-Romantic

I’ve been trying to become softer lately, and my pleas may have just been answered.


Florals Are Back! Haute Couture Says So

Many couture houses took inspiration from the natural world…


Fine Jewellery Made For The Summer Season

Jewellery I can’t afford? Perhaps. Is it worth it? Absolutely.


Tote Bags For Your Professional Self That You Can Carry All Your Shit In

If you’re looking for a summer work bag – I’ve got you covered.