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Fine Jewellery Made For The Summer Season

Fine Jewellery Made For The Summer Season

There’s nothing like a swelteringly sunny day and a paycheck from my job to make me think that it’s time to buy a new piece of jewellery. Jewellery that I can’t afford? Perhaps. But is it worth it? I reckon yes.

I used to get the most satisfaction out of buying the latest handbag, or the new limited edition pair of Manolo’s, but as I have grown older and wiser (at the tender age of 27 no less) I have decided that the only purchases that give me joy these days are furniture and fine jewellery – and occasionally (but only occasionally) when I get stopped in the middle of Harrods and asked where I bought my professional tote bag as they’ve been trying to find it everywhere but it’s sold out. Yes, I do feel a little smug. But my jewellery? Every time I put it on it makes me feel glamorous, and worth it, and successful knowing I’ve bought it from the fruits of my vigorous pen-labour.

The best thing is, you feel that little hit of dopamine every time you put it on – and that’s a big deal, because there’s nothing like avoiding looking at that Chanel trending item you trigger-bought and spent an eye-watering amount on that sits in the corner of your room like an abandoned shoe…

I first bought my own piece of fine jewellery a few summers ago, and ever since then the warmer months give me an itch to spend far too much on something glimmering and shiny. In the winter months it can feel a bit in-your-face to be wearing heaps of gold jewellery, but in the summer when the light is reflecting off the waves (and your jewels) it just feels so relaxed and low-key – like it’s made for enjoying yourself, which of course, it is.

Look, I admit, 99.9% of my fine jewellery shopping is done in my imagination, but that’s half the fun! I feel like lusting after diamonds and gold is what makes buying them when you’ve finally saved up the money so special – it’s been a long journey here, baby, but you’re coming home with me.

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If I had an endless pot of gold, or Jeff Bezos came to me and said, “Claudia, I just know how much you love fine jewellery, so here’s my credit card for you to use in the next 20 minutes – no more, no less – and you can only specifically buy fine jewellery you would wear all summer long. Go.” …clearly my coveting and daydreaming has made me a little loopy, but these are what I would choose. And it would only take me 5 minutes, thank you very much. Don’t you know I’m a seasoned shopper?

Image via ‘Mastery of An Art’ book by Van Cleef & Arpels