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Got A Wedding To Attend? Say Yes To These Dresses

Got A Wedding To Attend? Say Yes To These Dresses

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This year for me is a year of weddings. I’ve already attended one in Peru (my first time in South America) and have two coming up in Venice and Mexico in the next few months. All my work vacation days are spent travelling the world, and for what better reason than watching people I love tie the knot? It’s a wonderful life!

As we get older, times for socialising and dressing up are less about birthday parties and the reminder that we’re getting older, and more about weddings, where you can doll yourself up in your best black tie, drink too much champagne with your besties and cry as your childhood friend walks down the aisle. Maybe take home a handsome man in a tux, too – why not?

But first of all, you need to have the dress to impress, and searching for black tie-worthy dresses is harder than it looks. For some reason it is one of the main laws of the universe that when you really need a gown for a sophisticated occasion, there seem to be none around. Or none that you like, at least. Or the only ones available are either for grannies at conservative political events – or otherwise £70,000. None of which are preferable. So I thought, since I’m already doing the hard graft of combing through every site under the sun searching for my own gown, I might as well share them with you and create a wedding edit for you to easily access when you’re under the dreaded time crunch.

When it comes to wedding guest dress shopping, I stick to one rule, and one rule only: no white (this may seem obvious and a bit silly to say, except that at one wedding I went to last year, there was indeed a guest dressed in white. I did my part by giving her evils the whole night. She knew what she was doing.).

As a fashion girlie, I do not subscribe to the belief that you have to wear muted, quiet clothing. If sequins are your thing (they’re certainly mine), then shine bright, my girl. If you love a high thigh split, then sexy it up! You’re on the hunt! After all, the people in relationships – or of course, getting married – aren’t looking to score a new husband (we hope) … We’re baring thighs so we can one day be where you are! Walking down the aisle! Or maybe not, maybe you just want to take home a man in arguably his best form (in a button-down shirt and bowtie) – and why shouldn’t you? I stand by my belief that the people you know in relationships do not care about finding you a boyfriend; they’re happy and need a single person to remind them how dire it is out there and to make them feel smug about no longer being in your position – which means that they can’t be mad at you if you wear an eye-watering thigh split to their wedding. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

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The point is: when it comes to dressing for weddings, dress as sexy or as dramatic as you dare (but be mindful of the bride, the parents, and the priest. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of Jesus – or the family who so graciously invited you). What we’re looking for is tasteful fashion; an artfully placed cut-out or a low back works just as well as a naval-grazing V-neck. It’s all about balance – which I hope is easy to spot in the edit above.

Feature image via Tatler Magazine, wearing Miss Sohee