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The Living Room Pieces I’m Coveting Right Now

The Living Room Pieces I’m Coveting Right Now

I have to say lately I’ve been on my furniture bullshit. This means that I’ve been wasting plenty of time looking at furniture I cannot afford, and buying furniture at auction that I can barely afford.

Seriously, the other day I bid on an auction thinking, ‘lol, I never get it, so I’m just going to put in my max bid and let the computer deal with it,’ and then I went out for lunch. Cut to several hours and sauvignon blancs later, I checked my email to – horror – an invoice for some flower side tables and a vintage bar cart. I won! Firstly, I thought, ‘In your face, lady who always starts a bidding war with me and ultimately wins, because let’s face it I’m a writer in today’s economy, and I’m always going to lose at auctions,’ and then with a seeping dread I thought, ‘Oh no, I actually have to pay for it…’

Cue to several days later and it was delivery day and I still hadn’t paid the bill. To be fair, my online banking portal has been going a bit bonkers lately, and so I genuinely thought I had paid, and said so to the finance manager at the auction house when they called me to ask where my payment was. After several false reassurances on my side that I had indeed paid the bill (and later feeling like Anna Delvey to find out that I had transferred the money from my savings to my current account, and just… left it there), I painfully paid the bill, and voilà, a couple hours later I had some groovy side tables and a bar cart.

I mean I don’t really drink that many cocktails, and have no idea how to make them (sorry, I’m a wine mom) so currently it is looking a little sad with an unopened bottle of Grey Goose and a bottle of sloe gin that I was gifted (word of the wise, PR’s, I hate any and all types of gin), but I do have many groovy vintage glasses to adorn at least one shelf! I’ll get there.

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I find that the best recovery from a financial burn is to look at more furniture, so here are some of the great pieces I’ve been looking at lately. Here’s hoping I don’t optimistically bid on any of them… I’m toeing bankruptcy as it is…