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Sunscreens That Will Save Your Skin – And The Coral Reefs

Sunscreens That Will Save Your Skin – And The Coral Reefs

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article on the nasties in sunscreen and which sunscreens you shouldn’t be using. And as helpful as it is to know which sunscreens to avoid, it begs the question – what sunscreen should I use? What sunscreen is best for my skin? How can I save my skin and not kill the coral reef?

Well, I’m not sure you thought about that last question, but marine ecosystems are important to us, so while I give you some great options for suncare that’s good for you, I’m also going to fulfil my own agenda and save your holiday wildlife at the same time. No debates. It’s happening. Don’t care about the environment? Go elsewhere.

Word of the wise – just because your fave brand of sunscreen is on this list, doesn’t mean it’s automatically skin/reef-safe. I love Sun Bum, but only their mineral sunscreen is safe for coral health.

You’ll notice there are ZERO sprays on this list, because spray sunscreens are the main offenders for benzene contagions – and also you’re more likely to inhale some chemicals that absolutely should not be inside your body!

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Everybody wants to stay sun-safe, but at the cost of dreadful oxybenzone? Which bleaches all that lovely bright coral you flew all the way to the Gold Coast to see? No thank you!

I have painstakingly gone through every ingredient on the below sunscreens list – so I know these are the good ‘uns. Can’t part with your favourite sunblock, but aren’t sure about potential nasties? Check the ingredients list. If it has oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate or avobenzone… I’m sorry babes, but it’s a no-no.