Hi! I’m Claudia Butterworth,

I’m a freelance writer and author of The Butterworth Effect. You’re probably here because you’re a friend of mine, or a friend of a friend, or a friend I haven’t met yet. Welcome, we’ve been waiting for you. 

My goal was to make a website that honestly and authentically covered my favourite luxuries: fashion, beauty, travel, and my favourite novels. But I also wanted a place where I could write about real-world issues, and the issues we as millennials, as women, as empathetic human beings, struggle with in this day and age.

Women are often put into a box, and I wanted to create a place that contains multitudes, like we do. You can be interested in world politics, but also care about the newest collection from Bottega Veneta. You can be an environmental lawyer, but also be obsessed with skincare and beauty products. Here, at The Butterworth Effect, I want to cover it all. 

My favourite part of being a writer is being able to express myself, and share the knowledge. I’m creating a space where I can share my opinion on the gender pay gap, and at the same time, point you in the direction of the best tapas restaurant. I hope you can share your knowledge with me too. 

If you want me to cover something that I haven’t yet covered; tell me about your favourite second-hand shop; tell me that my opinion is dead wrong; or even just say hi – fill out the form below. I’d love to hear from you.