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The Best Barbie Press Looks, Right Here, Right Now

The Best Barbie Press Looks, Right Here, Right Now

Hey Barbies,

Happy Barbiegeddon! Whether or not you’re Team Barbie or Team Oppenheimer, there’s no question that the press looks for Barbie slayed – and slayed hard, and I wouldn’t be doing my duty as a fashion writer if I didn’t provide commentary. Sadly, even though THE Barbie (Margot Robbie) and fellow Barbies are on strike, we’ve got plenty of material to work with, and I’ve compiled my list of favourite premiere and press looks to present to you.

Of course, I plan to do a Barbie movie review (it’s pink and it’s anti-patriarchy, why wouldn’t I cover it?), but to give you Barbies times to see it apart from your busy lives full of multitudes, I’ve given you a bit of leeway, so I don’t reveal any spoilers. In the meantime, why not revel in the glorious and fantastic styling of Margot Robbie during her press tour? (Please, I beg of you, watch the movie; you do not understand how hard it is for me not to talk to everyone I know about it. I am about to explode with commentary. Spoilers will be coming. You have been warned.)

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Hopefully, this worldwide whirlwind of pink reminded actors, actresses, PR agents and stylists around the world that fashion is supposed to be fun, and why not make the most of it by taking it to the max? Bring on the camp!