You Gotta Do The Touristy Things

I’m on a quest to rediscover my city.

An Ode To Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’

Yeah, so maybe I did spend the whole weekend sobbing to the 10-minute version of ‘All Too Well’. What fun did you have this weekend?

DUNE: The Next Big Sci-Fi Franchise

If you haven’t seen it yet, this is your sign to head to the cinema ASAP – the bigger screen the better.

Is Anybody Else Just Absolutely Mystified Over MGK And Megan Fox’s Super Intense Love Affair?

What is going on here??? Who are these people and what world do they live in??? Can I visit???

Texas Just Banned Abortions

We must be outraged about these things. There is no relief for standing up for women’s rights.

What On Earth Is Earthing?

You may think it’s a little kooky, but it could also change your life.

I Watched The New Gossip Girl And It’s Actually Good

Okay, there’s no Chuck Bass, and you really can’t recreate Serena versus Blair, but what we’ve got instead is actually worth your time.

Lorde Is Back, Baby!

We’ve been waiting for far too long. But I’ll forgive her, this one time, due to the fact that her new album, Solar Power, is an absolute force to be reckoned with.


The Crystals You Need And Why You Need Them

The crystals that you actually need in your life, and, what do you know? They’re pretty too.

The IPCC Report Came Out On Monday – What Does It Mean?

This IPCC Report is the sixth report since 1990, and it’s arguably the most damning.