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Hail Mary Jane! Brands That Make Your High Trip Turn High Class

Hail Mary Jane! Brands That Make Your High Trip Turn High Class

Look, to be completely honest with you, I’m not much of a smoker. I smoked cigarettes during high school and all through university – so many cigarettes, in fact, that I got nicotine poisoning and never touched a ciggie again; which is probably a good thing considering I had always hoped to quit after university, knowing that if I didn’t I would’ve been a smoker my whole life. The way I was going, if that kismet hadn’t happened (although it certainly felt terrible at the time), I would definitely still be smoking to this day. Yuck.

But even when I was a smoker, weed was never really my thing. I get it – I do, but it just doesn’t do it for me. I smoked weed for one week straight during university and relied exclusively on a diet of Domino’s pizza, and then some more (cold) Domino’s pizza – but it never really felt worth it. I don’t get the giggles, or crazy hallucinations (although I’m not quite sure why you would want to – but to each their own), or deep life affirming thoughts. I just felt out of it and had a weird taste in my mouth. I’ll pass, thanks.

But I do get the appeal. And for those who love it, they love it! And that’s fantastic. When you find things you love in life you should hold on to them, and since weed isn’t really that bad for you, I’ll let you have this one. Before all the stoners come for me with their pitchforks, I say “really” because I know it’s used in a medical context, and people need it to get by – and they should 10000% have access to what they need (why is marijuana not legal again?) – but you’re still burning something and inhaling it into your lungs. Yes, it’s not tar like in Marlboro Reds, but you are still inhaling smoke. Whatever – it’s fun, right?

Regardless of my (most of the time) abstention, a lot of my friends smoke weed, and I realised that it’s almost a way of life. There’s a whole design industry ready to be explored! I may not walk the walk, but I can admire the goods. Sue me.

Between the whole new industry of marijuana vapes (thank you California) and legal kush, the creatives of this world have decided to make the act of getting high into a high-class affair, and I for one, am here for it. Design for everyone!

So without further ado, here are some brands that can take you from the stone(d) age into the modern 21st century. (Sorry!)


Tetra was created for those who value aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics. For those of us who are regular smokers and keep their gear on hand – why wouldn’t you want it to look pretty? Surely you’d rather a vintage table lighter or a checkered ashtray to sit in pride of place on your coffee table rather than – what? A mug filled with water and soggy stubs? Gross, no thanks. Other than pipes (for tobacco only – wink) shaped like a shell, you can also buy lovely lighters and sculptural incense holders to set the mood.


Dosist is one of my top brands to try. I have only heard good things, and they make a range of products for all type of tokers. Before you go, “Oh no, only people who drink V Energy drinks in the morning vape – not me!” Hear me out. Dosist’s main thing is that they create vapes that are dose-controlled; it’s made for people who want to chill out but not veg out. For those that want to see the stars in the daytime, I don’t know what to tell you, you might as well just spark up, but for those who like to take a little edge off, or want to control their anxiety, or have a little pain – Dosist is the one for you. Plus, it’s sleek, discreet, and there’s a type of strain for all wants and needs.


Described as the ‘Hermès of Marijuana,’ these rose gold vape pens are for those who want to get high while living the high life. Slim and sleek, the pens come in two versions: one for downtime, and one for social events. They also sell gummies if you are so inclined, or pastilles for easy and discreet consumption.


Stevie was started by one of my favourite fashion influencers, Courtney Trop (aka @alwaysjudging) who is a huge smoker. She lives in Los Angeles, California, the prime location for slow living, and created a brand around her love of marijuana. Not only does she sell hand-rolled joints (have you ever had a joint hand-rolled for you by one of the best influencers in the biz?!), but she also sells CBD oil, hand-blown glass ashtrays, and a cult candle with their logo – Venus, with her modesty covered by a lone marijuana leaf. Highly recommend.

Not Pot

My friend swears by these, as someone who has anxiety and needs to be levelled out, the Not Pot gummies just does it for him. Made using the best CBD oil money can buy, the gummies come in different strains, depending on what you need them for. As well as selling sweet treats, they also sell CBD body lotion and oil, which – a secret trick – celebrities rub on the soles of their feet before a big event, so their feet don’t get sore in the crazy heels they have to wear. (Who am I kidding, I wear those “crazy heels” too…)

Rose Los Angeles

Rose creates edibles using only the finest part of the plant. Their hero product are the Turkish delight style edible they create using flower rosin. With a farming and natural approach to business, they create seasonal flavours depending on what’s available. On top of that, the edibles are pretty to look at too, and I’m not just saying that because I’ve popped a couple (I jest, I jest).


Selling all sorts of THC, CBD, you name it, Serra is a modern dispensary changing the way people think about weed. Akin to shopping in a luxury beauty store, Serra is designed to help you along every step of the way, while also making sure the buying experience is as good as the consuming experience. A highbrow shop for a high brow product – they sell only the best.