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More Interiors To Make Your Home Feel Like A Million Bucks

More Interiors To Make Your Home Feel Like A Million Bucks

What can I say? We all want our home to look like a million bucks, and some of us need all the help we can get (i.e. me). So here I am, with some more interior shops that you can even shop through DM (how Gen Z!) and make your very-average-London-flat-that-you-rent-with-the-help-of-your-parents-and-a-job-that-doesn’t-pay-you-nearly-enough feel just like a real home – and a spenny one at that.

As you expert TBE readers know, I am partial to a good piece of vintage furni (short for furniture; I just made that up right this minute) so Home Union always has some wonderful space age Italian pieces for me to drool over – and you, if you’re so inclined.

If you’re into colourful living and brightening up your living room/bedroom/sitting room/studio apartment, then read on, because after this, your house will be looking better than ever and you’ll be broke so you can’t buy any more furniture! It’s called Budgeting 101. You’re welcome.

Home Union

Home Union specialises in vintage furniture – mostly Italian (we all know they’re the best at design – sorry France!) which means curvy lines, natural woods, space age plastic, and plenty of good chairs, because who doesn’t love a good chair? Home Union is based in Brooklyn, which means you’re likely going to have to have your piece shipped to you, but it’s worth it for the good furni. Good design is timeless, which is why the vintage interior movement is so popular – and sadly so expensive. Luckily for us, the ‘60s was before they realised that if you make something that’s designed to break down in a certain period of time, you have to replace it – which means that when you buy a good chair, you can keep it for several lifetimes over. Now that’s a bargain.

Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis is that cool-girl interior designer that all the cool-girls-you-wish-you-were favour. Kendall Jenner has one of her mirrors, and old Céline had her cube podiums in-store – it’s hard to get cooler than this. With gradient-coloured mirrors, and Candy Cube side tables, Sabine creates pieces that elevate your walk-in wardrobe from sombre to ombré. She also makes beautiful “donuts” out of resin or in marble in a collaboration with London’s Bloc Studios. The smallest-sized marble donuts I’m currently using as egg-cups. So chic.

Sit On Vintage

A place where all your cult chair dreams come true. I honestly spend hours (when I should be working) scrolling through their feed, drooling over Soriana chairs and Togo sofas. It’s an online store based in the Netherlands, so if you’re quick enough, and are lucky enough to have 50,000 dollars in the bank reserved for a couch, you can buy directly through DM.

See Also

The Edition 94

Probably my favourite homeware store in all of London, this little gem sits on a lonely corner on Fulham Road (number 94, if you were curious). They have an exclusive supply of Murano mushroom lamps which I absolutely covet. I’ve been in the market for one for exactly 2 years now, and I just keep missing out. One day – one day I’ll find the perfect mushroom lamp. Also they make wonderful swirly candles, and have a collection of wonderful hand-blown drinking glasses (of which I am slowly replacing my Zara home cups). A definite must-visit, and one of my favourite home Instagram accounts for drool-worthy lamps alone.


I have DM’d this company at least five times to buy a lamp and missed out every time – it’s a miracle they don’t ignore my messages by now. If you’re thirsting for a Murano mushroom lamp as hard as I am, that’s their specialty. Pink, cream, baby blue – there’s mushroom lamps for everybody. They even have beautiful candy cane swirl wall lights and lollypop whirl sphere hanging lights… It’s almost enough to make you drool. They’re based in Denmark but ship worldwide and are very reasonably priced – that is if you can get them before they’re gone! I’m still trying. Keep you posted.