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Gold Bangles To Covet Instead Of A Love Bracelet

Gold Bangles To Covet Instead Of A Love Bracelet

Look, I’m not hating on the Love bracelet. I have one and I love it to bits. However I can’t deny that the iconic bracelets have become slightly persona non grata lately, but that’s just mainly due to oversaturation. Trends are so fickle aren’t they? I thought a Love bracelet was for life!

Everybody wanted one, and then by the end, everybody had one, and now, everybody’s selling them off. But I just love a good bangle. There’s something just so glamorous about solid gold jangling away on your wrist, making a racket and making themselves known. ‘Yes, I am here, and I am very, very expensive. Pay attention to me!’

Just because it’s no longer cool to wear a Love bracelet, doesn’t mean it’s no longer cool to wear gold bangles. In fact, I think the more the merrier.

For elegant lines and diamonds galore, Anita Ko is the designer to turn to. Her Diamond Curved Bangle is my favourite, although at a cool 22,000 dollars it might take a few years for me to save up (and basically not spend any money on shoes or restaurants or my dog in the process. Is it worth it? As yet unsure…)

Boucheron and Van Cleef & Arpels gold bangles I have seen adorned on many a wealthy woman, it’s almost an identifier – so if established, wealthy woman is the image you’re going for (even if it’s a lie, I’m not judging) then the Perlée Clover Bracelet is definitely the way to go.

For lesser known and more original designers, Foundrae – known for their medallion necklaces – has a fantastic chunky version adorned with different motifs that stand for strength, karma, resilience, and luck among others (things we all need).

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For a vintage 80’s vibe, Rainbow K has created a bangle shaped like bamboo, evocative of Gucci in their heyday with their bamboo handles and bangles. Diamonds cover every other section, to tone down the OTT factor.

My favourite is the Dezso by Sara Beltran bracelet: a chunky band with enamelled shark fins and a line of diamonds through the middle. Again, it’s 22,000 dollars, so I’ll get back to you when I can finally afford it (I might have to switch careers though. How hard is it to become a hedge fund manager? First of all, not even quite sure what a hedge fund is, so I’ve got a little research to do…)

Anyway, while I do research, enjoy these fantastic bangles to replace your Love bracelet (sorry, Cartier – I’ll take it all back if you give me a discount). I’m already procrastinating by imagining myself strutting down the street wearing every single one of these bangles, jingle jangling all the way home…