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Tote Bags For Your Professional Self That You Can Carry All Your Shit In

Tote Bags For Your Professional Self That You Can Carry All Your Shit In

I’m a professional girl now. In fact, I’m super fucking professional. I work two jobs babe! And I still don’t even make enough to live on! I live in London – what do you expect?! Anyway, the point is, that as I’ve become more and more of a goddamn professional, I’ve agglomerated more and more shit that I have to carry around with me. Work computer, personal computer (for job #2), work computer charger, personal computer charger, toothpicks (for my lunch salad), my book for the tube, and then all my other handbag stuff. So it’s a lot. I feel like I’m carrying around a small pile of rocks everywhere.

But anyway, as I was traipsing up and down the central line, I couldn’t help but think, ‘Wouldn’t this all be easier if I had a great tote bag to chuck everything into?’ Especially one that is meant for summer – so I can wear it to the beach too if needed?

The answer was yes, and although the 90s are back, we have yet to re-enter the era of larger-than-life hobo bags that swamp our pathetic, miniature frames. Yes, that is indeed how big the hobo bags from the 90s were. (Although, word to the wise, they are coming back. Fish them out of the back of your closets to be ahead of the trend.)

At the time, I had to make do with my sister’s Noé bucket bag, which was great, but it was a short-term solution. I needed something summery that aligned with my warmer-toned wardrobe, and I needed something that was mine.

Naturally, when I’m at a loss, I find myself at Celine (yes, I know, I can’t shut up about this brand) and I ended up acquiring an earthy, natural, very low-key tote bag – and it’s just hit the spot for me. It makes me feel subtly glamourous, while also being a hard-core working woman. I rate it so highly, that I have included it down below, along with my sister’s Noé bag – which surprisingly is a lot roomier than it first appears.

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I am still tempted to buy myself the yellow Goyard, but perhaps will have to wait for the next few pay checks to come in before I make the dive. We shall see.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a summer work bag, scroll through and have a peek. I’ve got you covered – and I promise you’ll look like a real fucking professional.