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The August 2022 Wish List

The August 2022 Wish List

Girlies, your wish list is back. I am currently hella broke right now, considering I just bought another piece of Space Age furniture all the way from L.A. The thing with buying vintage furniture is when it comes up for sale, you know that once it’s sold – it’s gone. There’s not that many good vintage pieces floating around so when the stars align and one comes onto your radar, you’ve gotta snatch it up A.S.A.P. Which, unfortunately, means that all these things on this list are most definitely wishes, and I will go back to wearing my same old tried and trusty basics. It’s okay, I’m totally not bitter that I can’t buy a Dilara Findikoglou corset swimsuit so I can recreate Lorde’s Glastonbury fit. Not that I even have a beach holiday to wear it to. Yeah. Not bitter in the slightest.

The best thing about working in e-commerce (yes, I do have a day job) is that I can see all the new pieces coming in before they hit the store. The worst thing about working in e-commerce is that I can see all the new pieces coming in before they hit the store, which gives me extra time to think about them, or even know about their existence in the first place. Have I dreamed about flitting around the streets of Mykonos in a Magda Butyrm cream mini dress with roses covering my breasts? Absolutely I have. Do I wish to emulate Camille Charrière with the see-through column dress in Christopher Esber’s rainbow fish version? Absolutely I do.

As you will figure out as you scroll through, I’m very much into a good cream blazer at the minute. Jacqumus’ Baccala iterations from his new Autumn/Winter show are a sculptural style if simple cream is too minimalistic for you, but I quite enjoy the Men’s oversized blazer for casual cool.

If I wanted to make any and every man in a 500-foot radius fall in love with me immediately, I would buy the Day Dress from Orseund Iris, which can be worn both with straps or as a bustier dress. Pair with some Chanel kitten heels or ballet flats, and boom – you’re in a rom-com. You’re welcome.

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As for me, I’m still living my Solar Power summer – which means I am recreating Lorde’s looks at every juncture. Isa Boulder’s bikini tops are not only fabulous when worn as they are meant to – as a bikini – but also as a bra top, aligning with the Spring/Summer trends we saw on the runway earlier this year. If you’re not keen wearing a bikini top around, feel free to layer over a silk shirt that’s been haphazardly buttoned. Sexy, but with a little more coverage. Happy solar simmering summer shopping!

Feature image via New Arrivals