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The New Dress Silhouette Is Here, And It’s Oh-So-Romantic

The New Dress Silhouette Is Here, And It’s Oh-So-Romantic

Summer is here and alive (and almost over, but we’re not going to talk about that) and it’s the time of year when the only option is to wear floaty dresses even though your legs stick together on the tube.

Now normally I’m a big pant girl; I love a good pair of trousers, but lately I’ve been turning towards skirts and dresses. I’ve been trying to become softer lately. After all the bad news, it feels like it’s winding me tighter and tighter and I’m getting angrier and angrier until I have no empathy left at all. So it’s time for me to make a conscious effort to be softer, to be feminine, to be kinder – and for me the way to do that is to dress that way.

The only issue is: as much as I want to get into dresses and skirts and floaty things, I can’t quite seem to find ones I like. They’re either not going to flatter my shape or just boring – what happened to interesting silhouettes these days? I feel like everyone is starting to dress like everybody else until we end up looking like a dystopian community. Basically, all the dresses I’ve seen so far have the personality of a pistachio shell – the good part is missing.

Until now… because a new silhouette is here, and it’s come to answer my soft and kind pleas for help.

Enter the off-the-shoulder dress. You probably haven’t noticed but it’s been quietly sneaking up on us, until everywhere you look there is only decolletage. And bare, bronzed shoulders. And isn’t that what summer is all about? Accessorise with a chunky gold linked choker or some dripping fresh-water pearl strings and we’ve got ourselves a winner!

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I’ve had a good ol’ squiz and found the best ones for you so that you can hop on this trend real quick before the weather winds back down. Yes, it was 16ºC this morning, and yes, I will still leave the house without a jumper. It’s summer, damn it! My pale, freckled shoulders need to see the sun for at least one month out of the year. And maybe in Chloé, they shall – hopefully I’ll end up kinder and more graceful too. Fingers crossed.

Feature image via Instagram @daniellefrankelstudio