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Orseund Iris Makes Me Feel Like A Woman

Orseund Iris Makes Me Feel Like A Woman

Lately I’ve been telling you of my mission to wear more dresses. I would say I have a pretty even yin yang – which is to say, my masculine side is pretty strong, and almost on par with my feminine side. I’ve grown up usually preferring pants as I’ve gotten older, and I think that reflects in my personality. I’m just not gentle and dainty and kind and float around in a romantic kind of way (I mean sometimes I am, but not usually); I’m usually in a hurry and tired of flashing my knickers every time I walk into the tube elevator. Plus, I love a suit – so I naturally gravitate towards tailored pants.

But more and more I can feel myself hardening up. With all the bad news and the rise of absolute morons like Andrew Tate who have a huge following that listens to his every word (please, children. That man may own several Bugatti’s, but he could not pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel. Love the women in your life, and let them be free), I can feel my body almost preparing for doom. My shoulders are stiffer, I’m quick to jump into an argument and I’m even quicker to anger. This is not good.

As a firm believer in you become what you consume, I’ve decided that although I’m not going to stop reading the news, or stop shit-posting on Andrew Tate’s Instagram comments (“wHaT cOlOuR’s YoUr bUgAtTi?” “The same colour of your a******!”), but I am going to dress softer, in the same way that when I wear Miu Miu ballet slippers or a wraparound gym top I feel like a ballerina. I am the most ruthless I have ever been, and I’m trying to become the softest version of myself too.

That’s where Orseund Iris comes in.

Started by Alana Johnson back in around 2015, you would probably know Orseund Iris by those knit corset bras they released back in the day – or even more so, the underbust knit corsets worn by celebs like Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Emily Ratajowski. My claim to fame is back when I was working in the Trends section at British Vogue, and corsets were obviously trending, I introduced Orseund Iris into the Vogue offices, and since then, it’s taken off. Should they thank me profusely and offer me free clothes for the rest of my life? No, because I respect independent designers. Would I dream about it? Sure, I would! Have you seen the clothes?

What I like most about the brand is that it mixes femininity with a contemporary cool, which is great considering I don’t always go for the most delicate and graceful option. I like a little “umph” in my clothes, and Orseund Iris walks the fine line.

Silk is one of the brand’s favourite materials to work with, which is great because it’s one of my favourite materials to wear. Their ivory Night Out maxi dress is a favourite for “cool girls” weddings – simply look at Lucky Blue Smith’s new gorgeous wife who wore it for her wedding. There is something effortlessly chic about skipping that whole intricate and overwhelming design process for your wedding dress and just ordering a £1500 dress online. Yes, okay, it’s not cheap, but babe – do you know how much a custom wedding dress costs? My parents are in for the shock of their lives by the time I get married and I tell them I want a fully Māori-designed embroidered veil á la Angelina Jolie.

This is to say, I bought that dress anyway. Yes, okay, some might wear it as a wedding dress, but I’m totally going to be the best-dressed at the next White party and I owe it all to Alana Johnson.

I’m also partial to the Hollywood mini dress for statement flair, and, most unlike me, the new strapless Day Dress, which reminds me of flitting around New York like Summer in 500 Days of Summer and making all the Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s around the city fall in love with me upon sight.

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Lorde is a fan of the Ballerina maxi wrap skirt (and naturally so am I, as everything Lorde touches turns to gold in my eyes), but even the Le Club top or the shorter, sexier version of the Ballerina skirt makes me feel carefree and sexy and innocent – and hopefully softer and gentler and more calm.

I hope you’ll wish me well on my journey to feel more like a woman, by exclusively wearing Orseund Iris. Maybe I’ll branch out and buy a Fendi chiffon dress. Probably not. I’m an O.I. girl. Oi oi!

Feature image via Orseund Iris