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The Best Undies Around

The Best Undies Around

Basics. Sure, they’re not as sexy to talk about as novelty Chanel handbags or the latest maximalist pursuit from Gucci, but we need them all the same. A wise man once said that you spend most of your life either on your feet or in your bed, so why wouldn’t you invest in a good pair of shoes and a comfy mattress? I’m also going to include an Eames office chair under that umbrella considering lately it feels like I spend 80% of my time sitting down working (gross, don’t you know writers have to get outside to get inspiration for them to write about?) – but it’s true. Our basics make up the majority of our wardrobe, so it’s time to invest in them.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a commando girl. I love a good pair of knickers; they just make me feel safe. I remember once when I was little one of my good friends used to go knicker less under her nightie and I was shocked. This was shocking behaviour for a little Christian girl like me (lol, that conservativeness went out the window) – but I’m still not a commando girl.

I love those dresses with cuts out the side. Dua Lipa in Courrèges? To die for! Camille Charrière in Marcia? Incredible. So incredible that I was even considering buying one, but the only thing that held me back was that I couldn’t wear a pair of knickers – and I am not going to buy that micro thong that Kim Kardashian created. It’s ridiculous, and I hate it. Just go commando you absolute weirdos! And this is coming from a commando-rejecter!

I would go so far to say that I even love granny panties. Not those skin-coloured ones that have been through the wash too many times! I’m talking about cool, colourful, full coverage knickers that are the opposite of what men like to see. But you know me – what men think, frankly my darling I don’t give a damn. Like me in my granny panties or not at all.

What I am trying to tell you dear readers, is to throw away your 10-year-old panties! (Or give them to charity if they don’t have any holes in them – everybody needs undies). God knows we are all guilty of hoarding undies into they fall to pieces around our ankles, but it’s time for a panty refresh. It’s time, my friends, to bring in the big guns, and revamp your panty drawer.

Open that top drawer, ladies, and throw out your drawers! Out with the old, and in with the new. Let’s get right down into it…


CUUP was created because the founders felt that most underwear brands were made with a “standard size” body in mind, which naturally doesn’t really apply considering everybody’s bodies are different. After two years of measuring and testing on real bodies, CUUP launched with a range of basic undies, designed to be comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting. My favourite is the Highwaist, designed to sit high on the hips with a high-cut leg. Smooth and sleek, they’re the answer to your VPL. Sayonara, Visible Panty Line!

Fleur Du Mal

I mean I can’t make an undies post and not include some of my faves, right? Fleur du Mal, yes, is a sexy one, but they’re also hella cute – and if I learnt anything from the Devil Wears Prada, real fashion gals wear lingerie under their clothes every day. I said what I said. Fleur du Mal was created with the aim of giving women of all shapes and ages confidence while getting dressed and undressed. My fave? The Pixie cheeky, so I can live my best fairy lifestyle.

Coco De Mer

Okay, okay! These ones are pretty sexy too. But fashion isn’t just about comfort, okay? It’s about looking your best. And who says lingerie can’t be an everyday staple? Coco De Mer is loved by some of the sexiest people on the planet for their own everyday undies. Think Dita von Teese, Dua Lipa, myself… Personally, I have the Athena thong on my shopping list. A Greek man once told me I reminded him of Athena with my stormy grey eyes, and since then I have decided that I am indeed the goddess reincarnated, and also that was the best compliment I have ever received. So yes, I will be buying the entire Athena collection.

The Underdays

Underdays was created because they were tired of choosing between over-sexualised underwear and big, beige, boring granny panties. Instead, they’ve created everyday basics that are both comfortable and fun. The Workout Thong is one of my favourites, due to its athletic lines – and frankly I will quite enjoy wearing it on the tube when one of London’s rogue winds blows up my ankle length skirt in the tube elevator (yes, it has happened to me on my work commute). At least I’ll look cute!

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Agent Provocateur

I love Agent Provocateur so much, and I used to shop there so often that the brand used to give me a discount just because. I used to get 20% off everything in the shop. Who the hell shops at a lingerie shop that they get 20% off everything? Me. I did. Sadly, I had so much lingerie and my local shop moved location (regardless of taking all my money) that I didn’t shop there as much and now no longer benefit. No matter! All the designs are so fun and playful that it’s hard to pick which one you like the most… Have a squiz and let me know.


I was introduced to Araks by Courtney Trop (aka @alwaysjudging on Instagram – you’re welcome) who swears by Araks and refuses to wear anything else. Me, sufficiently influenced, bought a couple pairs and have never turned back. My personal favourite are the high-waisted Tali Hipster which I wear all the time, but I also am partial to the silky Aaron Panty. Whatever floats your boat. Personally, I pick all of them.

Happy shopping!

Feature image via Wonderland Magazine Spring/Summer 2022