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The August Wishlist

The August Wishlist

August is a funny month for shopping. On one hand you’re in the full swing of summer, heatwaves galore (I don’t even want to talk about the weather this year in Northern Europe – horrifically cold), laughing gleefully as your favourite bikini that you’ve been waiting for all summer finally goes on sale! On the other hand, you really should be saving up for the first drop of winter clothing. You know you need a new pair of rainboots this year, and you should really be thinking about saving up instead of splurging on summer sale items that will be out of style next year before you even have a chance to wear them (even though it’s so fun).

Basically this is my long winded explanation of why this August’s wishlist is a bit of a mixed bag. Homeware, summer swim suits, winter rain boots, running shoes, a turtle neck – even an umbrella holder. These are all the things I just can’t take my eyes off, or resist pulling out my credit card for.

We’ve got the newest It-heel by brand D’Accori, following the trend of Bratz doll platform heels à la Versace. Worn by style legends like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, D’Accori is going to be the next Amina Muaddi. I’d buy before the world finds out about them, and you have to enlist the help of very expensive personal shoppers to get your hands on a pair.

We’ve got the fun and super contemporary lighter hair clip, worn by Dua Lipa literally less than a week ago. Luckily for you, it also comes in four other colours, so you better hop on it before all the Doola Peep stans steal your style.

Persol has done a quirky collab with JW Anderson, the designer of Loewe and his own namesake brand. My favourite pair is the reimagined staple Persol shape in a new and exciting pink tortoiseshell, but a close second is the orange and blue PO0009, with the angular front lens and groovy side lenses to protect you from the sun on all fronts.

I couldn’t leave out the Naked Wolfe Mayhem boots, which on first look absolutely unhinged, but as soon as I saw them on Olivia Rodrigo wear a red pair with a mini skirt and a baby tee, I just knew they would be put to good use. I like the white ones to wear with a white Courrèges mini dress for the perfect 60’s Space Age look.

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My favourite item on the list is the Halpern monochrome sequinned jumpsuit, to make all your seventies dreams come true. Wear on a night out at Loulou’s, dancing your heart away to Earth, Wind, and Fire while drinking Rum Collins’s in a very tall, obnoxious glass.

Until then, I’ll be waiting impatiently by my window, staring out woefully for the postman while the scent of smoke from the hole in my credit card softly wafts through the room. Happy shopping!