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The New Boot Style Is Here – And It’s Called A Moc Toe

The New Boot Style Is Here – And It’s Called A Moc Toe

Welcome to your style guardian, always here to point you in the right direction. Some would think it would be Vogue, but they’re wrong. Their true style guardian is some random 26-year-old from Waiheke Island on the internet, here to tell you what’s up.

What’s up, my friends, is the new style of boot that’s quietly stormed the scene, like my dog does the kitchen when I quietly open a packet of chips. You turn around and BOOM, you almost trip over because there she is, beautiful and in your face.

Yep, the new style of boot is here, and chunky, thick-tread soles are out. Say goodbye to your Bottega Lugs, say cheerio to those zip up The Row boots, say ta-ta to the Prada Monolith’s – a new dawn has arisen.

It’s called a ‘moc toe.’ Ever heard of it? Me neither. The name comes from moccasin – how moccasins have the raised sewn seam around the top of the toe.

With loafers making a sneaky comeback onto the scene (Prada strikes again) – they also have a moc toe – why not extend that into boots? It is winter after all. We can’t just be giving ourselves ingrown toenails from trying to shove our too-thick socks into a normally-worn-barefoot loafer! It’s winter. I’m not here to get frostbite. I like all my toes, thank you very much.

Yep, a moc toe, and everyone’s done them. Loro Piana, Givenchy, Christian Louboutin, Loewe, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc… etc… Chloé has done a load of them – one pair I’m definitely going to buy.

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I suppose those Prada Monoliths could be considered of having a moc toe, however discreet, so you could continue wearing those if you absolutely must. I mean, if you aren’t over them yet, and you just have to.

I’ve picked out a selection for you, where you can click to shop, but if you don’t find any you like here, keep an eye out, you’ll see them everywhere, hiding in plain sight…