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Festive Looks To Sleigh This Christmas

Festive Looks To Sleigh This Christmas

‘Tis the season, and we want to look more luminous than the Christmas tree, sparklier than tinsel decorations, more festive than Santa and his elves, more glorious than even baby Jesus himself…! Christmas time is the time to pull out allll the stops. It’s Christmas time, baby!

And it’s not all family and roast potatoes – perhaps you’ve got a cheeky work Chrissy party; perhaps you’re going out to dinner with your family on Christmas eve; or perhaps, à la Bridget Jones, you’ve got a Christmas party attended by all your friends and family – and ex’s and future potential boyfriends. That’s a hard party to dress for. So, in my humble opinion, the only way to dress is to pull out all the stops – be the star on top of the Christmas tree. Make those ex’s regret it, and the future potential boyfriends to hurry the hell up and ask you out – at least before you drink too much mulled wine and pass out in your childhood bedroom upstairs.

At any rate, Christmas is the only other time apart from an 80’s disco party where you can dress up like the Northern Star and get away with it. So why not have a little fun with it?

Below are my favourite OTT, sparkly as hell, come-hither, I’m-sexy-Mrs-Santa items that I think you should wear this Christmas. I’ve already snatched up the Prada metallic slingbacks, and I’m umm-ing and ahh-ing over the Khanum’s Kora maxi dress (who’s putting money on the fact that I’m definitely going to get it in the end?).

Along with the extensively expensive products I’ve listed down below that you’ll love for the rest of your life, I’ve also included one (only one) fast-fashion item in here from Zara for affordability purposes – Christmas is an expensive time for everyone, and sometimes you just need a dress to look your best. I’ve included it because it’s fab and looks good on all body types, as well as being the least expensive item on my incredibly expensive (although incredibly worth it) list.

Khanum’s dresses are also well-priced, however come from a more sustainable brand as most of their items are made-to-order (without the extortionate price tag that often accompanies MTO clothing) – and they plant a mangrove tree for every order!

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Obviously, if you’ve got a fab dress hidden away in your closet – you should wear that. Be an outfit repeater! But if you’re pulling your hair out, or you’re a just-don’t-have-time-to-go-shopping, I-have-nothing-to-wear-please-help-me kind of a gal, then panic no more, because I’ve curated the best list for your Chrissy dressing needs. As always, click to shop. You’re welcome.

Feature image via Paris Vogue June/July 2021