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A Wardrobe Deep-Dive

A Wardrobe Deep-Dive

Recently I read an excellent article by Emma Forrest in British Vogue where as she was returning to Britain post-divorce, she was unpacking her wardrobe and reflecting on her life in clothing – where she bought what, what she wore this to, who she had sex with in this dress.

It got me thinking: as a fashion writer, and someone who puts so much emphasis and intention into clothing, why haven’t I done this before? So I thought, ‘Why not?’ I’ve got plenty a memory to go with my clothes, especially considering many of my black-tie dresses I wear once (so as not to be an outfit repeater).

Why do I have such an affinity to clothing? Growing up I was painfully shy (hard to dream about for those who know me now) and was quite happy to be the wallflower. As I graduated into my teens, my shyness transformed into low self-esteem, never quite confident enough to believe that I was pretty, funny, or a “cool” person. Expressing myself through clothing design helped me come out of my shell, and by people complimenting me on what I wore (I won the Fashionista award at my school prom, although god knows why when I reflect on the outfits I wore. It was the early 2010s, give me a break) I began to understand that by expressing myself and what I liked, that maybe I was cool and interesting and funny and worth paying attention to. All of a sudden, I liked people looking at me because of what I wore. Once too afraid to speak out in a group of people, I became the girl who enjoyed commanding attention in a room – something I still enjoy to this day. And it was thanks to clothing.

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So here are some of the pieces that made me who I am today (although thankfully, the beanie has disintegrated in a rubbish pile somewhere).