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The Best of MFW SS22

The Best of MFW SS22

Look, I’m just going to come out and say it: the Italians do it best. Even my dad said that Italians are the best dressed, and that’s coming from a man who spends most of his time in polo shirts he’s owned for 20+ years, shorts of the same age, and a raggedy pair of slip-on Converse (sorry Dad to throw you under the bus like this – you know you dress up nice), but if that man thinks Italians are the best dressed?? It must be true.

Maybe this was a terrible decision to put this down in writing, and I’ll be banned from Chanel shows forever but – Italians just consistently push the boat out. They’re not afraid to make a fuss and take a risk. Italian Vogue is the best Vogue. And Milan Fashion Week is the best Fashion Week. As shown below, with the multitude of great outfits that we all want (and Versace’s show wasn’t even as good as last season – so you know that there are a lot of excellent fashion designers bringing up the rear!)

So what did Milan give us this season?

Bikini tops are back baby! This time, instead of wearing on the beach, wear underneath a gaping gauzy blouse while striding through Soho. Who ever thought bikini tops would work in the inner city? Most brands showcased at least one bikini top, with Fendi, Pucci, Philosophy, Missoni, and Dolce & Gabbana all favouring to show a bikini top sans bikini bottom, replaced by a great pair of trousers.

Missoni was one of my favourite shows, especially as I’m a huge print gal. Obviously bikini tops are nothing new to the brand, considering they have their own spin-off Missoni Mare brand specifically for the beach, but bikini tops and city trousers were out in full force. This is no same-old-same-old beach look. Missoni also showed some incredible and ambitious garment construction, with the dress shapes consisting of cut-outs and mismatched proportions, however very carefully thought out. With a new creative director, Alberto Caliri, this show marks a new dawn for Missoni, perhaps one more ambitious and contemporary than what has ever been done before at this heritage house.

Prada gave us straight mini-skirts, and lots of leather jackets. Perfect for riding around on the back of your boyfriend’s Vespa around Milan, but you might have to sit side-saddle with the length (or lack of) of those mini-skirts. Miuccia also showcased an emphasized under bust, as well as lace-up jackets and jumpers, giving us a deconstructed version of a corset, something she’s previously explored in Fall 2016, as well as Fall 2018.

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Blumarine revisited their iconic 90’s look with large, initialled diamanté belts and butterfly everything. Butterfly belts adorned gauzy shirts and dresses, accessorized with pastel vinyl handbags. Butterfly jumpers with lace up fronts paired with shorts so short that the belt makes up about half the length of the fabric. Butterfly halternecks with low-waisted jeans, and headscarves that match the rest of your outfit. Sorry Blumarine, the Bratz called, and they want their outfits back.

The main talking point of MFW has to be Fendi by Versace – aptly dubbed Fendace. Two sizzling hot brands by two cult designers collaborating to make the ultimate collection. Kim Jones of Fendi and Donatella Versace from her eponymous label, worked together to make a collection so covetable, it’s like watching two infinity stones merge together on the infinity gauntlet. Logo mania, Versace safety pins, Fendi F’s galore, mini baguette bags, Versace’s baroque print underlaid with Fendi’s monogram… It was all go. If there was one emoji to sum up the entire collection it would be the red-faced, sweaty emoji with the tongue hanging out. You know when you stare at the sun for too long and when you look away, you can only see bright spots of colour? That’s what looking at this collection is like. Sure, I’m not going to wear it, but there are some great pieces dotted in there, and overall, it sums up what Milan Fashion Week is all about – a load of fun.

P.S. The only reason I’ve included an MM6 Maison Margiela look in here is because it has my nickname on it, and personally I think it would be a sick look to strut down the street in a personalized Margiela gilet. End notice.