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The Best Gloves To Keep Those Little Mitts Warm and Toasty

The Best Gloves To Keep Those Little Mitts Warm and Toasty

Sadly, as a summer gal, it is now too cold to walk around without having your hands in your pockets at all times. I try my best to be a runner too, and it’s now too cold to run without ski glove inners – very irritating when I’m trying to change my Katy Perry song on Spotify.

Luckily for us, there’s a variety of gloves just waiting for our little mitts: long ones, short ones, finger gloves, fingerless gloves, mittens, fur gloves, leather gloves, cashmere gloves, big ones, small ones, red ones, blue ones… The list goes on!

But, there are also a lot of ugly ones around, so I’ve given myself the task of finding the best gloves on offer to keep your fingers toasty warm – and elegantly sheathed too. I’ve also included some fantastic gloves from Khaite and Elder Statesman, which are the cosiest cashmere, but also fingerless right at the tips so you can tap through those Instagram stories while sitting on the chairlift, or out walking your dog in a snowy blizzard.

When readying for the winter months, it’s easier to remember to unearth your old-Céline chunky knit than to find those pesky gloves you’ve had since you were 14. But why not put a little pizazz into an accessory that’s not so exciting? Jackie O wore gloves all the time, so did Marilyn, and they looked fantastic! Take a leaf out of their book.

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In a season when your hands can take a beating – in Covid times we’re already sanitizing our hands every time we touch anything outside, and especially in winter when our hands get dry and cuticles start to peel – it’s more important to protect them now than ever. You’ll be thanking me in 30 years’ time.

As for me, I’ll be purchasing a pair of the Celine shearling gloves – even though I’ve never been much of a fan of mittens (I like the liberty of spreading my fingers out, which is also the reason why I only wear shoes when I absolutely have to – don’t judge me, my tootsies need their freedom!) but I’ve decided to put all my misgivings aside for a good pair of mittens. It’s in the name of fashion – and to ward off frostbite I suppose – but mostly fashion…