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My Imaginary Jewellery Box of 2021

My Imaginary Jewellery Box of 2021

Now, I told you, I love jewellery. Some people get their kicks buying Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton range, some people get their kicks buying Supreme coffee mugs, some people even get their kicks on Route 66 – I get mine from buying jewellery.

And unlike clothing, which I wear not only for myself, but also to get compliments from other people (don’t judge me, I can be a feminist and also like to be admired) – jewellery is just for me. They’re my talismans.

When I was younger, I used to collect cool shells and pebbles, and I would keep them as a spiritual fortitude. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m essentially a cavewoman from the olden times. My 23 & Me did say that I have more Neanderthal DNA than 85% of their customers, so you really can’t be surprised that I enjoy keeping talismans on my person.

Except, unfortunately for my bank account, and my chances of owning my own home in the future, I’ve progressed from keeping little shells that I’ve picked up from the beach, to “investing” in more expensive talismans like solid gold – and diamonds!

I have found that I can buy the most amazing pair of Marc Jacobs platform boots and still get bored of them after a couple of seasons. With jewellery I attach meaning to each piece, and I treasure it forever. It gives me a thrill to pick it up out of my jewellery box and cherish wearing it each and every time.

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So here are my five favourite five jewellery pieces that I would buy (I’ve limited it to five, help) this year if I didn’t have to pay any bills and made exponentially more money than I do now. What can I say? This girl’s a dreamer.

Image via Mastery of An Art by Van Cleef & Arpels