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Dainty Jewellery To Bring Out The Delicate Nature In All Of Us

Dainty Jewellery To Bring Out The Delicate Nature In All Of Us

As the weather gets colder and summer definitely turns into autumn, when we’re supposed to be layering up and protecting against the cold, I find I feel the most delicate this time of year than any other. Rather than pushing against the freezing winds and fighting with my umbrella, I take more pleasure in warm cups of tea, long sleeves on my cardigan, and legwarmers over my leggings. Sure, I may not be a pumpkin spice latte girl, but I do enjoy a bit of autumn.

As brittle leaves fall from trees, it makes you realise the delicacy of nature. What once was so strong and full of vitality, now becomes fine and fragile – wisping away into the aether. There is a time to blaze ahead and there is time to take stock of your life and enjoy just being – and my children, the time is now. Just like nature, we deserve time to feel dainty, airy, graceful, frangible – and what’s a better way to embrace that feeling than by wearing dainty jewels?

What I’m trying to say is, it’s time to embrace delicate jewellery. Whether it’s subtle pearl necklaces from Sophie Bill Brahe or razor thin hoop earrings from Ginette NY, there is a silhouette out there for you – but oh baby, is it fine.

Jewellery is similar to perfume in the way that it’s a very intimate thing. Jewellery becomes a part of us. You have to lean in close to see it and appreciate it. It lies flush against the most delicate parts of our skin – ear lobes, the hollows of our necks, the inner sides of our fingers. A lot of the time, jewellery is worn for a lot of our lives, whether it be a wedding ring or a necklace your mother gave you when you were young. Bold and chunky jewellery may make a statement, but it’s the delicate jewellery that feels the most right, the most natural, the most sensual.

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On that note, I leave you with my favourite picks of dainty jewellery to invest in for forever favourites. Ones that make loved ones want to lean in close.