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Chocolate Brown Is The New Black – I’m Telling You

Chocolate Brown Is The New Black – I’m Telling You

Blah blah blah, we’ve all heard it before: [insert colour] is the new black. This time, chocolate brown really is the new black, and I’m here to tell you why.

The allure with black for most people is that it goes with everything, it masks the lumps and bumps, and if you do it right it looks uber-luxe.

Well black can also look goth (been there, done that), and look too harsh on some skin tones and with some colours.

Enter chocolate brown. Slowly it’s been making its resurgence since its last 15 minutes of fame in the 90’s… and then Bottega Veneta got its cult new designer – Daniel Lee – and chocolate brown is back with a bang.

Not only does it look expensive, but it’s also a softer colour than black that seems to go with everything. Daniel Lee put this to the test with the debut of his first collection for the Italian luxury house, when he paired a chocolate brown skirt with a block colour of sky blue heels.

Now chocolate brown is flooding the retailers, with your fave brands such as Attico, Gucci, Khaite, and of course Bottega selling enough of the colour, that you could completely replace black in your wardrobe! Not that I would ever completely get rid of black (Saint Laurent favours it too much, and I favour Saint Laurent), but I can definitely add a healthy dose of chocolate into my full-to-bursting closet.

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Why not try chocolate brown? It’ll look good on you, I promise.

Image via Vogue Paris

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