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Your October Wish List Is Here!

Your October Wish List Is Here!

Wow. A new month. How time flies. But with a new month comes a new check from your job, and even for some who received their last US stimulus check in the last week (good for you, babe), but with new money comes new spending. And New Arrivals, New In, New Must-Haves.

Now, I’m not championing overzealous spending, because over consumption is a bad thing and there are enough Primark dress trousers in landfill to dress all of the world’s forefathers like three times over. I literally just made up that fact, but it’s probably true. Spending money on things you will keep and use for the rest of your life because you love and care for them is the most rewarding thing. Spending money on things you’re going to wear once and throw away is literally throwing money away, meanwhile adding to landfill and plastic pollution – something we definitely don’t need more of.

That said, shopping is fun, and spending money that you’ve earnt on things that you like and will cherish is also fun. So welcome to my October Wish List, full of wild and wonderful pieces that maybe you’ll see and decide you just have to have.

Who wants to see an eighty-year-old stomping around in fuschia Versace platforms? I do, baby! You wear those shoes! Own it, girlfriend! Or, like the steals my mother has lovingly passed on to me, you can pass down your great purchases to your children. Most people have a derogatory view of hand-me-downs, but I’ve received some great Gucci by Tom Ford dresses over the years that sell for crazy money in vintage shops! Ha! Suckers! All you need to do, is buy great pieces now, and keep them for literally a million years. And then, if you’re great-grandchildren are particularly business savvy, they’ll start up a vintage retail brand and make all the money back that you ever spent on Miu Miu crocheted jackets.

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Anyway, what have we got here? As a reflection of myself as a human being – it’s a mixed bag, as per usual. But what can I say? We contain multitudes. Yes, I desperately want to buy a pair of Khaite riding boots that I will never, ever wear riding, because well, they’re Khaite – but also I need new gumboots, and found some great Le Chameau leather-lined ones that actually should be arriving any day now. Who’s looking out the window every 5 minutes for the DHL man? Not me! No, siree. (His name is Steve, and his catchphrase is, “Another one for you, ma’am.”)

Enjoy my wishlist, and maybe pick a little something something out for yourself. It’s October. Treat yourself. How else are we supposed to stave off Seasonal Affective Disorder?