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I Won’t Buy These Things, But You Should

I Won’t Buy These Things, But You Should

Throughout my life, it’s taken a long time for me to figure out that I can like something, and at the same time know it’s not for me. There’s been a long line of fashion mistakes that I’ve made (along with a lot of money that I could’ve saved) by looking at a dress and going, “Huh, that’s cute. It would really suit [insert name].” Instead, I went, “Omg, that’s so cute, let me buy it immediately.”

Pale yellow is not my colour. I know that. I have known that. But five years ago, if there was something super cute but it was in pale yellow, I’d buy it anyway. And then I’d just look at it in my closet and admire it. What a waste of closet space.

Now, I’m older and wiser, and even though it pains me to not buy these Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili (spell it out, say it with me: Ak-hal-kat-sish-vili) green cut-down-the-waist pants, I’m going to replace my inner urge of pulling out my credit card by making you pull out yours.

Brands? They love me. You? You’ll also love me, because you’ll be going home with a great pair of pants. Me? I’ll love you because I get to look at you wearing those pants and imagine that it’s me. See? Everybody wins!

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So without further ado, here are the random selection of items that sadly I will not buy (not because I don’t want to) but that you totally definitely should. You’re welcome.

Image via Vogue Paris