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Chic Luggage That Will Probably Be Really Impractical, But You’ll Look Fantastic

Chic Luggage That Will Probably Be Really Impractical, But You’ll Look Fantastic

Now I’m sorry to tell you, and all the men in the near vicinity will sigh in indignation when they hear this – but I buy my luggage because it looks cute, not so much on the practicality. Travelling is an art, and too many people these days are happy to get on a flight in trackies with a rubbish bag full of their belongings. NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. The only time you’re allowed to wear a tracksuit on a flight is if it’s over 12 hours – and it better be either cashmere or Pangaia.

Once upon a time, women used to wear heels on flights. It was an event – a real adventure! Now, I understand if you don’t want to wear heels on your 45-minute flight to Nice, but you should have nice luggage. It just makes a real difference you know? I always admire those who look so put together in the airport – they look like Angelina Jolie in a sea of Amy Schumer’s.

But shopping for luggage can be hard. Often it’s expensive, and there’s a lot of ugly ones out there. Sometimes they’re really heavy, and you end up paying the excess luggage fee every time because your suitcase was 10 kilos before you even put your undies in.

Now, if you don’t care about any of that, do I have the suitcases for you! Some of them have great inner pockets, but are really heavy; some are very light-weight, but the inner system is not the best. Some of these are also really expensive, I’m not going to lie – but I’ve also added in some super chic ones that aren’t going to spend your holiday budget before you even start packing for said holiday.

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The truth is, I can’t count on the practicality of all of these, but they do look great – and for me, that’s kind of the main thing. Form over function, one might say.