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The In’s And Out’s Of 2023

The In’s And Out’s Of 2023

Alright, we’re well and truly into 2023. From what I’ve spoken to people about 2022, it was a year of ups and downs, but one thing’s for sure – 2023 is bound to be a good year. We all have a good feeling about it, and I don’t want to hear anything about those memes you’ve already seen saying we’re all jaded with 2023 already, because frankly, it’s not true, and secondly, how can you judge a year while being two weeks into it?

We’re already back into our routines, and as much as we hate being back at work and not day-drinking away our Christmas holidays, it’s time to get stuck in. As I spoke about in my article about New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to reflect back where you were a year ago and ruminate on what you liked and didn’t like.

This year, it became a trend to post your In’s and Out’s for the New Year, which I felt was a healthy adaption of New Year’s resolutions. Yes, okay, you may not want to focus on one mantra for the New Year, and maybe instead, why not really embody the phrase of “New Year, new me” with a Notes app expression of who you’re going to be this year? And I fully support that. Writers know: Notes app 4eva <3! Taylor Swift writes all her songs on the Notes app, and I write the bare bones of these articles on the Notes app while I’m commuting on the tube. We are the same (not really). I love Notes so much so that I did the In’s and Out’s Notes app list myself – even though I did make a NY resolution, nonetheless. Make all the NY resolutions! The more the merrier! The more you make, the more you’re likely to achieve! Positive thinking!

So anyway, here are my In’s and Out’s for 2023 – of which some find a little controversial, but that’s the beauty of them, right? That they’re mine? Let me enjoy my sandy duvet naps; I am who I am. Leave me alone. Love you.

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  • Bare legs
  • Knee-high boots
  • Making your own adventures
  • Indoor/outdoor living
  • Unlined bras
  • Sand in your bed
  • Showing your midriff
  • Freckles
  • Pisco sours
  • A cheeseburger with a ring of grilled pineapple in it
  • Tan lines
  • Smiling at strangers
  • Driving past your own house bc you’re not finished singing in the car
  • Natural fabrics and fibres (raffia)
  • Buying things that 8-year-old you would love
  • H2O (the TV show)
  • Cowboy hats and cowboy boots worn together in earnest
  • Making friends with your greengrocer
  • Team sports
  • Smiling at yourself in the mirror
  • Calling yourself “honey”
  • Talking to strangers
  • Being open to the world


  • Being early
  • Beef tartare
  • Decade trends
  • Beauty trends
  • Trends
  • Being sad about things you cannot change
  • Negroni spagliato (with Prosecco in it)
  • Saying “savvy b” when talking about Sauvignon Blanc
  • Sunburn
  • Burnout
  • Caring what other people think of you
  • Wearing shoes
  • Bucket hats that are not worn while surfing
  • Arguing about politics
  • Fat injections/removal
  • Sleeping in late
  • Drinking too much
  • People that make you feel silly in shame
  • Giving unsolicited advice
  • Celebrities
  • Not having a hobby
  • Thinking there is nothing new to learn