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The Best Facial Oils To Lock In Your Skin Routine

The Best Facial Oils To Lock In Your Skin Routine

Now, before you get stated, “Oh, noooooo! Absolutely I cannot use face oil – my face is oily enough as it is! There’s no way I can put oil on my oil-prone pores!” FORGET IT. FORGET WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW. Facial oil is not what you think it is, and it’s beneficial for you regardless of your skin type, oily-skin or no. Obviously certain facial oils are better for some skin types than others, but not being able to use facial oil on oily-skin types is a myth.

The reason facial oil is actually a good product to use for those with oily skin, is that most probably your skin is over-producing oils to protect your face, as your skin is probably very dehydrated. By perhaps switching up to a richer moisturizer and locking in that moisture with facial oil, you’re giving your thirsty, thirsty skin the drink it needs, and you might not be so oily in the future. You heard it here first. Oil does not beget oil; dry and dehydrated skin begets oil.

Facial oil is not a hydrator. It does not moisturize your skin for you. Instead, it’s what is called an occlusive – which is to say it traps in moisture that’s already there. Putting oil – or any occlusive – on your face just stops your face from losing moisture and becoming dehydrated, but it doesn’t hydrate it in the first place.

That is why facial oils are best used as the last step in your skin care routine, on top of all your serums and moisturizers to trap in all that goodness, to encourage your skin to be hydrated as much as it can be, and to stop all your expensive creams evaporating into your bedroom in the middle of the night. All you need is just a few drops. We don’t need our face to be dripping in oil. We need just enough to lock in that moisture, so our face looks filled out, less wrinkly, and gently glowing from within the next morning.

A similar practice however more intense, is called “slugging” which involves slathering your face with petroleum jelly in the last step of your night-time routine, again, to trap all those goodies.

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Word of the wise, though: some facial oils are comedogenic – not good for those of us who struggle with acne (i.e me). Coconut oil may look fabulous being slathered all over your favourite influencer from Bali, but it is pore-clogging, and not for everybody. For those of us with sensitive skin and maybe more acne-prone, a rosehip seed oil (I’ve detailed one below) may be the one for you, or a tea-tree oil can also be beneficial.

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