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Your June Wishlist Is Here

Your June Wishlist Is Here

Happy June my sweet angels! It is the beginning of the summer months, and with that – summer clothes. I feel like June is also party season, and lucky for you I’ve encountered a great new brand that basically exclusively makes party clothes. It’s called New Arrivals, and all their dresses are made to order, which 1) makes it super exclusive (you could almost say it’s bespoke) and 2) it’s great for the environment because they don’t produce more than they need. Bingo.

Lately I’ve been right into Celine. With the impending doom of an international recession and people struggling to pay the heating bill, flashy and logo-tastic clothes are on the out, and demure, cool, and minimal logo clothes are on the up. Fashion largely follows the economy, and it’s followed this pattern for hundreds of years, so trust me – stop spending your money on Versace, and start spending it on Celine (or your EDF energy bill, god knows I give them far more money than they’re worth). All dark jokes aside, I have a real tingling in my nether regions that Celine is the next big brand of the moment, and I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – dress like Kaia Gerber… I think she knows her shit.

Finally one of my favourite sparkly brands called Nué has released their long awaited Diva dress. You can pick the skin-coloured mesh to make it seem even more like someone has painstakingly tweezered diamantés onto your hot bod, but at any rate you’ll look like Mariah Carey in her heyday, or Naomi Campbell leaving the Met Gala in 1995. The best part is, Nué is a Ukrainian brand, and 10% of your purchase goes towards helping children refugees escaping Russia’s war on Ukraine. Sounds pretty good to me.

Along with the return of plain, logo-less clothes, the Hobo bag is making a comeback. So far only small little handbags are available in the shops, but you mark my words, in about 6 months the shops will be awash with ginormous hobo bags that you can chuck everything and the kitchen sink into – which is perfect for me because I’m on the hunt for a new work bag that can fit my computer. If anyone has any suggestions, leave me a comment on Instagram.

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I’ll leave you with the longing for one of my favourite tops that is now on sale. We saw it on the runway for SS22, but Missoni’s blue crop top with a train is now finally ready to buy. Somebody who looks good in a crop top please buy it so I can borrow it once I finally lose all the extra weight I gained eating fondue this winter. Or maybe I’ll just rock it avec les poids de fondue – who knows, the world is my oyster!

Feature image via Bottega Veneta Salon 01 Look 45