The Best Looks From NYFW SS22

New York Fashion Week… What were the spoils?


The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly – Met Gala 2021 Outfit Review

I’m just sitting here in my sweaty SoulCycle clothes eating a raw capsicum, judging very successful people in literally million-dollar outfits.


Your Autumn Reading List Is Here

Summer’s over (sadly), and why stop escaping from reality? If you want to continue your escapist reading streak into the autumn, well here are some books for you!

Texas Just Banned Abortions

We must be outraged about these things. There is no relief for standing up for women’s rights.

What’s The Deal With Parabens?

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What On Earth Is Earthing?

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I Watched The New Gossip Girl And It’s Actually Good

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The August Wishlist

These are all the things I just can’t take my eyes off, or resist pulling out my credit card for.

Lorde Is Back, Baby!

We’ve been waiting for far too long. But I’ll forgive her, this one time, due to the fact that her new album, Solar Power, is an absolute force to be reckoned with.


The Crystals You Need And Why You Need Them

The crystals that you actually need in your life, and, what do you know? They’re pretty too.