The Best Skincare From Down Under

The best antipodean skincare to SOS (Save Our Skin)

On Living With Anxiety

oh you have anxiety? name five things you can see


Haute Couture Spring 2022 Has Come And Gone

Here are the best of the best…


A Reflection On How Thierry Mugler Changed Fashion Forever

The greats are leaving us. Let’s remember his most dazzling creations…

An Ode To: ‘Heard It In A Past Life’ by Maggie Rogers

I’m not kidding – this album changed my life.

The Women Of Troy by Pat Barker

A sequel that is on equal footing with its predecessor, ‘The Women of Troy’ is a brutal look into women’s lives after the glory and the famed battle of Troy.

A Note On Getting Older

Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long, and in the end, it’s only with yourself.

Having A Passion Is Cool A.F.

I’m passionate about people having passions.

Coldplay Is Retiring In 2025 and I’m Distraught

Every teardrop is a waterfall, because I’m devastated.


I Read 87 Books in 2021, And Here Are The Best Picks

Although I didn’t read one hundred of them as planned, I did read some great books this year.